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 Post subject: Accelerating the release of the other novels
PostPosted: Wed Mar 08, 2017 10:00 pm 

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Hi everyone,

So, Man of Gold and Flamesong are (if not actually in print) available and can even (if one is lucky) find them in used bookstores. ($3-4 on ebay)

Lords of Tsámra
Prince of Skulls
A Death of Kings
...are all nearly impossible to find, or priced ridiculously on ebay, etc.

Clearly, the text of these books is completed and even already edited.

The MAR Barker Estate (likely his wife) owns the licenses to these books, I presume?

There was a website, I've forgotten which, that claimed they were 'working on cleaning these up for print' but I can't imagine what was actually NEEDED. Even if they had to be retyped from manuscript into data form, that's a matter of days or weeks, not years.

Mitlanyál, Vol. 1: The Gods of Stability (Tekumel) is selling for $175 on Amazon.
A Death Of Kings is selling for $149.

It seems obvious that there's SOME demand for these books, and it seems also obvious that there's little work required to get them to print.
With vanity publishers, you don't need a substantial number of books to print a run any more - heck, they'd do it for 10 books.

So any idea what's the hold up?

I'd CHEERFULLY volunteer my time to clean up and convert them if needed, under NDA contract to make $0. I'd even put them in touch with printers I know.
 Post subject: Re: Accelerating the release of the other novels
PostPosted: Mon Jul 03, 2017 9:49 pm 

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Shortly before he died, Professor Barker set up a non-profit corporation called the Tekumel Foundation to care for his Tekumel-related intellectual property. Its mission is to preserve his creative vision, and to act as the licensing authority for anyone who wants to use his work in new publications or other media. The Foundation is the group trying to get the novels available as ebooks.

Apparently the Foundation was set up with very little capital. Rumor has it that most of its funds were used on legal fees to get Barker's contracts and copyrights cleared up (so the Foundation can safely issue licenses for new publications), and for preserving his archive (lots and lots of Tekumel material). So now it's basically a small group of volunteers. They don't seem to be able to get anything done very fast at all.

You are welcome to try to contact them and volunteer your assistance.

Their blog is where they post news:

Epengar hiVu'unavu
Clan of the Sweet Singers of Nakome
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