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Swords & Glory Vol II, GameScience (Errata)

The early GameScience printing requires an errata. The text is given below, can be downloaded here as a Zipped WORD file, or may be purchased for 25 cents plus a self-addressed envelope.

$0.25 each

include self-addressed envelope

M.A.R. Barker’s World of Tékumel
Swords and Glory Vol. 2 Errata
Early Gamescience Printing only

1. Page 3, column 1, paragraph 2, sentence 2.
After ”… is added to the Height-Build factor.” add the new sentence “This result if the preliminary Height-Build-Strength factor.”

2. Page 3, “Build-type modification” chart.
Rename this chart “Strength Roll Chart.”

3. Page 3, column 2, paragraph 3, sentence 1.
Insert the world “preliminary” before the words “Height-Build-Strength factor” so it reads “The character’s preliminary Height …”

4. Page 3, column 2, paragraph 3, sentence 2.
Insert the world “preliminary” before the words “Height-Build-Strength factor.” (2nd line up from bottom of page)

5. Page 4, “Height-Build-Strength factor total and Stamina factor” chart.
Rename as “stamina factor chart. Insert line “Preliminary Height-Build-Strength factor” between chart title and top stat row.

6. Page 4, column 2, paragraph 5, sentence 1.
Insert the word “Preliminary” before the words “Height-Build-Strength factor.”

7. Page 4, “Height-Build-Strength ranges and Body Damage Points” chart.
Rename as “Body Damage Points Chart.” Insert line “Preliminary Height-Build-Strength factor between chart title and top stat row.

8. Page 101, “The Psychic Rolls” sec. 2.725 column 1.
Add after the last word “telekinesis” “The saving throw for talismans, amulets, eyes, and other miscellaneous magical items is set at 20th level.”

9. Page 101, column 2, paragraph 3.
After “visible, etc.” add “Ancient magical items and enchanted objects save at the level of the caster up to maximum of 20th level.”

10. Page 153, “Circle of effect” chart.
Add line “9mc the primary target + 1-to-20 secondary targets (roll 1D20)”.

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