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A Jakállan Intrigue (Missing Text)

The original printing of A Jakállan Intrigue contained a printing error, i.e. the description of Event 4: The Battle was missing. Here is a copy of the missing text from The Jakállan Intrigue. The text is given below, can be downloaded here as a Zipped WORD file, or may be purchased for 25 cents plus a self-addressed envelope.

$0.25 each

include self-addressed envelope

Event 4: The Battle

Date: Shápru 18th, 2361 AS (mid-spring)

In the marketplace of Jakálla, 10 Lightning Bearers (NPC 17) and 10 Flames of Doom (NPC 18) meet, quarrel, and begin to fight a battle of their own. Any characters who serve the Warrior Count (NPC 2) may be among the Lightning Bearers. Any characters who serve the Scarlet Duke (NPC 8) may be among the Flames of Doom.

If any characters run for the authorities, the combat will be broken up in 8 combat rounds. When the authorities arrive, all characters involved will take 1d6 in damage (in the melee of breaking up the fight). The Warrior Count and the Scarlet Duke will be reprimanded severely, but the combatants themselves will not be punished.

All characters surviving the battle will receive 500 experience points (plus any experience earned for killing enemies).

There are nine days between the fourth and fifth events. These may be spent in the same way as the previous days between events.

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