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 Post subject: My 2nd Con EPT Game Was a Success!
PostPosted: Tue Nov 12, 2013 3:49 pm 

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My EPT game went off extremely well this year at GASPCON in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Now that I am getting more of a grasp on the setting improving sessions of it are a lot easier. I'm sure the more I run, and the more that I read from all of the supplements that I have now acquired will help me in future convention games, and maybe even a home campaign (or an online one with some YouTube buddies).

The Jajgi characters that were part of the temple of Sarku did a lot of investigation into the various possible heirs that would be competing with Prince Dhi'chune to become the new Emperor. They learned also from a first circle priest (that had overheard some talking down in the crypts) that not all of the sects of Sarku wanted the prince to be Emperor and that they were conspiring with some non-human voice to thwart him in any possible way that they could.

As they were traveling in the undercity they were attacked by three Black Ssu, and at first they thought that these must merely be illusions of magic, but they were wrong. In the distance they saw one of the Brotherhood of the Victory of the Worm (sect of Sarku) that seemed to somehow be controlling these creatures. After they dispatched the creatures with both weapon and spell, they captured the priest and tortured him. The priest told them his personal gripes with the prince, and that he was only in it for himself and he really didn't revere Lord Sarku in truth, but that the God was only a means to an end for the possible new Emperor.

While these things were going on a Mihalli began to appear with a glowing orb behind them. One of the characters grabbed the orb before the Mihalli could fully appear and another character grappled it. The character that grabbed the orb vanished in the plane of the Unending Grey.

The Mihalli who was a sad lonely creature was forced into working with the Brotherhood of the Victory of the Worm, and once that priest was dead had no more wish to continue the plot it was involved in. The character that was grappling with the Mihalli while it was appearing co-mingled with it and they both shared of their thoughts with one another, and the character was moved with how lonely that it was.

The character in the Unending Grey felt himself being absorbed by that place (which I don't think is cannon). He felt like he was becoming one with it, and it was becoming one with him. He decided that he was going to focus on the orb and to try to contain himself therein. After several failed rolls (I just used the spell % for him to attempt this) his five souls were contained within the orb but he felt like he was the plane of Unending Grey and it was him... godlike.

The other characters were given audience with prince Dhi'chune who was spending a considerable amount of time down in the lowest levels of the undercity beneath Jakalla in Lord Srukarum's abode on the island in the center of the River of Silence. When they arrived they noted the aftermath of an ornate ritual that claimed the lives of everyone but the prince. Just then the orb (possessed by the souls of the character) appeared. It appeared in the protective circle of the Prince and then transported him to the Unending Grey (that subsequently absorbed him... so I ruled that the character possessing the orb had absorbed the Prince and in essence had become party him.

Lord Srukarum had just made a deal with the prince that it would destroy all of his rivals to become emperor if the prince agreed that all of those that worshiped Lord Sarku would become members of the Legion of Despairing Dead. So... all of their souls were removed and their animated corpses were attacking those on the streets of Jakalla. The orb wanted to try to create a body from planar energy that looked like the prince and he did so.

In the end "Prince Dhi'chune" (actually one of the characters that possessed the orb) became the new Emperor, destroyed the approaching military weapon of Yan Kor, and the Jajgi were the only worshipers of Lord Sarku left to continue on the temple, so in essence they became the temples new hierarchy.

I think that is about everything that happened. A lot was going on. :)

"Everything important in RPGs happens the moment you stop holding onto the rulebook with both hands." -Jeff Rients
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