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Skein Of Destiny - September 2011 Roll-up
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Author:  Lubidius [ Sun Oct 02, 2011 3:57 am ]
Post subject:  Skein Of Destiny - September 2011 Roll-up

Skein Of Destiny - Tekumel News Updates! September 2011 :

Greetings Tekumel and RPG fans! The September roll-up of Tekumel news can be found here - ... chive.html

For additional and/or older articles, you can go to the main site here -

If you have no idea what the Tekumel setting offers, check out the main Tekumel site at -

For a quick one-stop page on what role-playing in Tekumel like, read this article:

Then find your way over to the world description page here and have fun reading about the
History, Nonhumans, Gods of Tékumel and Lands of Tékumel:

Once you know the basics, then visit the forum on and existing players will help you prepare your first adventure in this fantastic setting! There are plenty of sample modules in the
Eye Of Retaining All Things section of the Tekumel website to help you along your way as well!

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