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Seal of the Imperium Vol 2, Issue 2

Tita’s House of Games

The 200+ pages of Seal of the Imperium #2:2 are a continuing exploration of M.A.R. Barker’s world of Tékumel and gaming in that world. The articles in the journal cover include rules expansions for Tékumel: Empire of the Petal Throne (T:EPT), a description of how to incorporate creatures from Wayne Douglas Barlowe’s Expedition into Tékumel, M.A.R. Barker’s article on the Pé Chói and a description about how to make Pé Chói Domes, exciting revelations about Swamp Folk, Tinalíya, and Páchi Léi, Part 1 of the third revised and expanded edition of Butrús Gazetteer, the third scenario for the board war-game Missúmdàlikoi: The War of 2020, reflections on the Sákbe Roads, a story of a death in Livyánu, and more.

Seal of the Imperium Vol 2, Issue 1

Tita’s House of Games

Seal of the Imperium 2:1 is a 200+ page journal filled with valuable information about M.A.R. Barker’s world of Tékumel and gaming in that world. The book contains an assortment articles concerning Guardians of Order’s Tékumel: Empire of the Petal Throne role playing game, an article with plot ideas for Tékumel-based role-playing games, an account of the being in the Slave Pits of Béy Sü, a description of part of the 'Other Side' of Tékumel, items from the files of the Omnipotent Azure Legion, Tsolyáni funeral rites, and a discussion of the mathematics of the Five Empires as well as interview with M.A.R. Barker and a complete board-based Tékumel wargame.

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Seal of the Imperium Vol 1, Issue 1

Tita’s House of Games

1999. Re-released Oct 2004
Seal of the Imperium 1:1 is a 64-page gaming journal devoted to Prof. MAR Barker's World of Tékumel. The journal includes an introduction to Tekumel for the uninitiated reader, a description of the exotic locations of Khirgár and Setnákh, information on the barbarian N'lüss, an article applying GURPS rules to role-playing in Tékumel, an interview with Prof. Barker himself, and other features of interest to the beginning as well as the experienced Tekumel game.

Imperial Courier | Summer 1987

Tita’s House of Games

The “Summer 1987” issue of the Imperial Courier is not a reprint of a past issue. Rather, it is the very last issue of that fanzine—the issue written by Chris Huddle based upon a series of audio-taped interviews with Prof. MAR Barker in late 1986 and early 1987. The issue, never published by Tekumel Games, languished in the files of some of Prof. Barker’s Thursday Night Gamers until late 2003 when Tita’s House of Games obtained a copy of the article and prepared it for publication. This issue is completely devoted to the Temple of Dlamélish.

The Eye of All-Seeing Wonder #5

reproduced by Tita’s House of Games

36 page fanzine with an assortment of articles, including a description of the Sharu’una Fief, a short introductory adventure there, an alternative character generation system for the Tirikelu rules, a discussion of the 47 names of Thúmis, a role-playing system with an authentically Tsolyáni premise, and the continuation of the M.A.R. Barker interview started in Eye #4.

The Eye of All-Seeing Wonder #6

reproduced by Tita’s House of Games

40 page fanzine featuring an adventure for 4-6 high level characters involving the Society of the Resurgent Octagon, revelations of the secrets of the Black Art of Astrology, the fifth and final installment of the Tirikelu rules, a Jakállan based introductory adventure for game conventions, a look at the worship of the Most Holy Lord Sárku, and a delightful recipe for Spicy Jakállan Hmélu Salad.

Different Worlds #47 (Fall 1987)

Contains a two-page article by M.A.R. Barker describing and illustrating the Temple of Vimúhla. The magazine also has a number of non-Tékumel articles including one on Monty Haul gamemasters, the powers of the pentacle, Lovecraft and the Necromicon, Dennis Wheatley’s Tales of Black Magic, and Egyptian Magic for Call Of Cthulhu.

currently out of print

White Dwarf #54 (June 1984)

Contains a four-page adventure Temple of the Doomed Prince written by Phil Holmes. The adventure (designed to be compatible with Runequest, Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, and Empire of the Petal Throne rules) concerns an excursion to a long-deserted temple of Ksárul in the Do Chaka protectorate. Also included in the magazine are non-Tekumel articles concerning creating logical fantasy worlds, barbarians in RuneQuest and other fantasy role-playing games, and science fiction role-playing games.

Dragon #6 (April 1977)

Has a four-page write-up on how to paint Tékumel miniatures by M.A.R. Barker. Other articles include Sea Trade in D&D, The Forest of Flame – An Illustrated Fantasy Tale, and Optional Psionic Determination in D&D.

now considered a collector’s item

Dragon #4 (December 1976)

The special Empire of the Petal Throne issue, containing numerous Tékumel-related items including two articles – Reports Submitted to the Petal Throne and The Battle of the Temple of Chanis: 2020 A.S. – by M.A.R. Barker. Other items include Jakálla Encounters, Creature Features concerning the Mihalli and the Vriyagga, Roads from Jakálla, a presentation of the Old Guard Tékumel miniatures, a table to obtain an Eye in Empire of the Petal Throne, and pictures of the replica of The Temple of Vimúhla.

now considered a collector’s item