Tékumel Items


Adventures on Tékumel & Gardásiyal

Abenteuer auf Tékumel: Kindheit und Jugendjahre in Tsolyánu

M.A.R. Barker

The German language version of TOME’s Adventures on Tékumel Part I and Adventures on Tékumel Part II: Book I, by M.A.R. Barker. This book is a reproduction of the Agema-Verlag original by Tita’s House of Games.

Adventures on Tékumel Part 1: Growing up on Tékumel

M.A.R. Barker. TOME

A brief introduction to the fantasy world of Tékumel and a ‘human character generator’ for role-playing games based on it. The system produces a young character (aged 15 years or so) who can enter the role-playing game as a fully fleshed-out person. This book is required to play in TOME’s solo AOT adventures and to use the Gardásiyal role-playing rules effectively.

Adventures on Tékumel Part Part 2 Vol 1: Coming of Age in Tékumel

M.A.R. Barker. TOME

Contains 3 solitaire adventures for player characters about 15 years old and ready for the ‘on-the-job training’ young aristocrats (both male and female) receive in Tsolyáni society. These adventures begin with a visit to Béy Sü, ‘The Soul of the World’ and the capital of Tsolyánu, and then a visit by your warrior to the Recruiting Hall in the Palace of Ever-Glorious War or the initiation of your priest into the First Circle of his or her temple. Requires AOT Part I to play.

Adventures on Tékumel Part Part 2 Vol 2: Beyond the Borders of Tsolyánu

M.A.R. Barker. TOME

Contains 4 solitaire adventures which may be used for characters completing AOT Part II Vol.II. These adventures place your player characters variously in Livyánu, out hunting with his or her uncle, on a trading caravan, and in Penóm fleeing an arranged marriage. Requires AOT Part I to play.

Adventures on Tékumel Part Part 2 Vol 3: Beneath the Lands of Tsolyánu

M.A.R. Barker. TOME

Contains 2 solitaire adventures which may be used for player characters completing AOT Part II Vol. I or Part II Vol. II. These adventures, which require AOT Part I to play, begin with a simple monastic retreat and as part of an archeological team on a ‘dig’.

Adventures on Tékumel: Gardásiyal, Deeds of Glory

M.A.R. Barker and Neil R. Cauley. TOME

Box set containing materials needed to play this, the third role playing game based on Tékumel since 1975. Included in the box are Player’s Guide, Sorcery and Spells, Referee’s Guide, Character Archetypes, Quick Reference Charts, full color maps, and dice. Please see the write-ups on the individual books for a more complete description of the contents of the game rules.

Deeds of Glory Vol.1: Player’s Guide

M.A.R. Barker and Neil R. Cauley. TOME

First part of the Gardásiyal rules. This 45 page guide picks up where Adventures on Tékumel: Part One left off in character creation. The guide provides instructions for creating non-human player characters as well as for equipping all characters for adventuring. The book also describes combat and character development.

Deeds of Glory Vol.2: Sorcery & Spells

M.A.R. Barker and Neil R. Cauley. TOME

This 61 page text describes the nature of ‘magic’ on Tékumel and how it works in game terms, and devotes 50 pages to spell descriptions.

Deeds of Glory Vol.3: Referee’s Guide

M.A.R. Barker and Neil R. Cauley. TOME

The third part of the Gardásiyal rules. This 77 page book describes encounters on Tékumel, non-player characters, a creature list with relevant game statistics (for a more elaborate description of such creatures, see The Tékumel Bestiary), treasure and magic items, divine intervention, and suggestions for scenario development.

Character Archetypes


TOME’s Gardásiyal boxed set contains a Character Archetypes booklet to allow players to play pregenerated human or nonhuman characters. Among them are Tsolyáni priest/sorcerers or warriors, and a group of ‘friendly’ nonhumans to serve as non-player friends and assistants. These archetypes are usable for gaming as given: they are all about 20 years of age and include all necessary statistics, names, brief histories, etc.

Map of Tékumel


TOME’s Gardasiyal boxed set contains an attractive 4-color 2-sided 16" x 20" map of Tékumel. This map is here available separately.

The Tékumel Bestiary

M.A.R. Barker & Victor Raymond. TOME

Discussions of a key portion of the flora and fauna of Tékumel: descriptions, habitats and relations with humankind are listed for every creature. Included are game statistics, illustrations, referee hints and an index to help you fit the creatures of Tékumel into your role-playing game.