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News Update | September 2015

Tita’s House of Games is pleased to announce that it is carrying the latest Tékumel merchandise and still has some stock of out-of-print-but-never-used Tékumel items on hand. See the September 2015 Current Price List. To assist customers obtain items which we do not currently stock, we shall be putting links in our price list to assist you to find them.

We are also pleased to announce two new programs:

  1. The Tékumel buyback program for used merchandise. Clicking Current Buyback List (September 2015) will lead you to our list of wanted items. Please contact CarlBrodt@aol.com for details.
  2. Tékumel collectibles program. Over the years we have gathered together a number of rare Tékumel publications, and we are now putting these items up for sale. Clicking on Current Collectible List (September 2015) will lead you to what is available.

News Update | March 2013

About 18 months ago Professor Barker cancelled his publication contract with Tita’s House of Games.

Since that time we stopped work on Seal of the Imperium #2:3 and have been quietly selling off our merchandise. Now that a number of holes are beginning to appear in our Tékumel line, however, we believe that we need to let our customers know that the full range of Tékumel product is no longer available.

We shall attempt to update our product availability on this website more often than we have in the past to reflect this change in condition. With the exception of a few publications, where we are “deep” in our inventory, please assume that we only have a few of any given item left when you look at our price list, even if we have not so indicated.

We appreciate the opportunity which we have had to serve you and your support over the years, and look forward to serving you in different ways in the future.

News Update | April 2009

Seal of the Imperium #2:2

Tita’s House of Games is pleased to announce the release of Seal of the Imperium #2:2. Its 200+ pages are a continuing exploration of M.A.R. Barker's world of Tékumel and gaming in that world. The articles in the journal cover:

  • A brief introduction to Tékumel for the newbie and the fan alike,
  • Rules expansions for Guardians of Order’s Tékumel: Empire of the Petal Throne (T:EPT),
  • A description of how to incorporate creatures from Wayne Douglas Barlowe’s Expedition into Tékumel,
  • M.A.R. Barker’s article on the Pé Chói and a description about how to make Pé Chói Domes,
  • Exciting revelations about Swamp Folk, Tinalíya, and Páchi Léi,
  • Part 1 of the third revised and expanded edition of Butrús Gazetteer
  • The third scenario for the board war-game Missúmdàlikoi: The War of 2020,
  • Reflections on the Sákbe Roads, a story of a death in Livyánu, and more.

Seal of the Imperium #2:3

Seal #2:3 is in process and, like issue #2:2, will focus on Pán Cháka and Butrús. Publication is expected April 2010.

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