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Spread the word about Tékumel! Decorate your desktop with these Tékumel themed wallpaper images. Or download one of the banners and put it on your site with a link to The World of the Petal Throne.


Choose an image and the resolution you prefer. In the new window, right-click or Control-click the image and save to your computer. Alternatively, all three designs can be downloaded as a ZIP file here.

Click on the links below to download a ZIP file containing all three wallpaper designs:

1280 x 1024 (1.9Mb)
1152 x 870 (1.5Mb)
1024 x 768 (1.5Mb)
800 x 600 (1013 K)
640 x 480 (656 K)


Choose a banner size. Place the graphic in a visible place on your site and link it to http://www.tekumel.com

468 x 60 | 225 x 80

New banners coming soon!

Thanks for supporting Tékumel: The World of the Petal Throne!

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