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Tékumel is enjoying a resurgence via the web. Join one of the Mailing Lists dedicated to Tékumel discussion, or explore some of the other fine sites dedicated to the World of the Petal Throne.

The Tékumel Foundation

The Tékumel Foundation is a nonprofit organisation formed in 2008 whose mission is to encourage, support and protect the literary works and all related products and activities surrounding Professor M.A.R. Barker’s world of Tékumel and the Empire of the Petal Throne.

The Tékumel Foundation Blog Regular news about the world of Tékumel from the members of the Tékumel Foundation.

Tékumel Mailing Lists & Communities

Facebook Tékumel Group.


At DriveThruRPG.com there is a growing list of Tékumel Netbooks and maps for purchase and download; including the new game, the original EPT and maps, and some works by the Professor obtainable nowhere else.

The Tékumel Project keeps you updated on the development of 28mm miniatures depicting the armies and enemies of the Petal Throne.

Jeff Dee’s new Tékumel RPG is called Béthorm: Roleplaying on the Plane of Tékumel and you can find out about it on the Béthorm site and at UNIgames.

Fan Sites

Brett Slocum’s Tékumel Site is the oldest Tékumel site on the web. The FAQ is required reading for any newcomer to Tékumel! Brett also has a blog: The Eye of Joyful Sitting Amongst Friends.

Victor Raymond (current chairman of the Tékumel Foundation) has a blog: The Sandbox of Doom.

Tékumel Collecting is an active blog devoted to documenting Tékumel collectible items.

Some excellent Tékumel-related material at Hill Cantons.

Heroes of the Age is an excellent Tékumel site by Howard Fielding.

The Shen Blog features some great ‘old school’ Tékumel artwork.

Skein of Destiny is another Tékumel blog.

Jakálla Nights details a Tékumel campaign running since February of 1996.

Nick Brooke’s Tékumel website has some fascinating information on recent events and various Mysteries of Tékumel.

The OD&D Discussion Forums site has a section on old-school Tékumel roleplaying.

Technicolour Daydreams features two software programs for Tékumel—a game called MacKévuk, and a Gardásiyal Character Generator, both for the Macintosh only.

Chirine’s Workbench is a Tékumel blog by one of the original players in Professor Barker’s world.

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