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Tékumel Tales

Tékumel is the perfect setting for fan fiction. With such a wealth of background information available to draw upon, many tales are yet to be told about life in this fascinating world.

The Petal Throne

by Professor M.A.R. Barker

This short story is probably the oldest existing written piece of Tékumelani history. The heat enveloped the city with a great white canopy of light, stifling and suffocating, seeping into the empty windows and crawling in dusty waves through the square. The city was dead, its war-mangled bones bare beneath the sun ... More »


by Andrew Hinnebusch

It was an unusually hot day in Jakalla. Not even the slight cooling breeze from the Deeps of Chanayaga gave comfort to the inhabitants of the opulent city. Noyesamek brooded in his study ... More »

Child of the Black Hand

by Brad Johnson

The huqundáli, the Great Morass, was particularly noisome that day, even in Old Town Púrdimal. The summer heat was a burden to all who walked outside. Tsútel hiSenkolúm arrived at the clanhouse of the Black Hand at noon ... More »

The Black Furrow Clan

by Brad Johnson

Surésh was a small farming village in the Kráa Hills populated by the Black Furrow Clan. It was typical of the agricultural settlements that help sustain the Great Temple in Sárku ... More »

The Order of Lazulian Slumber

by Brad Johnson

The storm clouds began to lift just as the shepherd approached the Grugánu monastery of The Order of Lazulian Slumber. The squat, black pile of stone was always a disturbing end to the trail ... More »

The Tears of Chiténg

by Brad Johnson

Horú hiTúkkolmu was a true follower of the Flame. Growing up in the clanhouse of the Scarlet Sail he had always been fascinated by fire, its purity, and its color ... More »

The Wealth of Meshmúra

by Brad Johnson

Hríthik hiFeshengáru of the Green Opal Clan was an incorrigible gambler. He spent all of his free time and money in the pursuit of winning that one great elusive prize ... More »

The Harmony of Drá

by Brad Johnson

Mikúsa hiKitonyál of the Glass Spear Clan was about to complete her six-month acolyte probation at the Temple of Hnálla’s Shrine of Méntukoi hiJér in Sokátis ... More »

Lost Sleep

by Hejjeka

“I hate bodyguard work. I awake with more nightmares about those ignoble, accursed jobs than almost anything else I’ve done for the Emperor. (Forever may they reign, if not live ... )” More »

The New Arrival

by Peter Gifford

Jegrísh felt the world under him pitch from side to side as he left the gangplank and stood on the dock. Behind him, among the crowds of peasants, shuffling slaves and sweating workers, the heavy-set man called Hunúmal he had befriended on the ship came forward to roughly grab his arm ... More »

A Thief of Jakálla

by David Adrien Lemire

Lest someone think me a nobody, let me just say that I trace my lineage back many thousands of years to the original rulers of the Isle of Vrá. My name is Marétku vuUttáma-slóka and I am of royal heritage—though I admit my present condition could not possibly be lower ... More »

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