Gaming on Tékumel

Adventures on Tékumel

Clans & Personalities

The people, and of course the clans to which they belong, of Tékumel.

Tanmrúktu the Astronomer

by Jack Bramah

In his 400 years in the Empire, Tanmrúktu ha devoted himself to the study of all the demons ... More »

Clan of the Open Sepulchre

by Jonathan Fredericks

Description of a low status clan of embalmers, tomb guards, and professional mourners ... More »

Orun hiKharsan, the Consulting Astrologer

by Patrick Brady

A Khirgári personality, native of the city and deputy head of astrology at the Temple of Thúmis ... More »

Personalities of the Bradford Campaign

by Dermot Bolton

Seven character outlines from a Tékumel campaign ... More »

Major Clans of Khirgár

by M.A.R. Barker and James Maliszewski

Almost all of the major clans of the Imperium are represented in Khirgár. Their clanhouses bustle with local members, transients, guests, business enterprises, and clergy. A few of the most prominent and interesting clans are described here: ... More »

Prominent Khirgári Personalities

M.A.R. Barker

Eight prominent inhabitants of the city of Khirgár and surrounds. Each entry includes the person’s name, clan, age and gender, deity, and a few notes on which to base encounters or entire adventures involving them ... More »

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