Gaming on Tékumel

Adventures on Tékumel

One of the most difficult tasks facing a referee of Tékumel games is coming up with adventure scenarios and ideas that do justice to the richness and depth of the setting. Here you will find a host of ‘adventure building blocks’, inspiring articles and stories to enable referees to keep their campaigns going with a minimum of difficulty.

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Naval battle

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Adventure Scenarios & Ideas

Complete adventure scenarios and inspiration and information for creating your own. Includes some classic adventures long out of print, and an entire campaign outline. More »


A closer look at some of the places on Tékumel. More »

Clans and Personalities

The people, and of course the clans to which they belong, of Tékumel. More »

Flora and Fauna

Creatures and plants of Tékumel, deadly and benign. More »

Magical Items

Strange and dangerous devices at the place where magic and technical wizardry meet. More »

Advice, Humor & Articles

The kind of in jokes that only develop when such a specialised community gets together ... and some miscellaneous Tékumel gems from the past—rare articles from Dragon and Strategic Review magazines. More »

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