Gaming on Tékumel

Gaming Tools and Play Aids

Here are tools designed to aid the playing of roleplaying games set in the melieu of Tékumel.

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Letter from Mirusíya

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Playing Aids

A Gardásiyal Mapmaking Guide

by Martin Gibbs

Mapmaking suggestions for making up maps of Tékumel places of interest. More »

Spells, Legions and Personalities

by Roger McCarthy

Excel spreadsheets listing Tsolyáni Legions, The Gardásiyal Spell List and Tsolyáni Personalities. More »

Tsolyáni names for PCs and NPCs

by Dave Morris

Some male, female and lineage names for Tsolyáni characters. Meanings are given in some cases ... More »


An Introduction to Tékumel

by Patrick Brady

A comprehensive introduction for those new to Tékumel Download (PDF)

Gardásiyal Character Sheet

by Paul Vlamis; modified by James Maliszewski

A character sheet for the Gardásiyal system. Download (PDF)

Map of Khirgár

by Patrick Brady

Map of the city of Khirgár. Download (BMP)

Map of Pála Jakálla

by Jack Bramah

Map of the city of Pála Jakálla. Download (PDF)

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