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Béthorm: The Plane of Tékumel

The latest Tékumel roleplaying game system has everything you need to adventure on Tékumel. Available in PDF, softcover, and hardcover.

Bethorm: The Plane of TekumelPublishing History

UNIgames, November 2014


M.A.R. Barker, Jeff Dee


In November 2014 UNIgames released Bethorm: the Plane of Tékumel, the fifth-generation in Tékumel role-playing games.

Using UNIgames' compact but powerful Pocket Universe rules system, this complete rulebook presents an introduction to Tékumel and the Tsolyáni culture, with complete and detailed character generation, using the city of Katalál as a focal point.

Béthorm: The Plane of Tékumel and its support products are available through UNIgames.

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