World of Tékumel

The Gods: The Tlomitlányal


The Supreme Principle of Stability, the Lord Whose True Name May Not Be Known, Master of Light, and Foe of Change.


Hnálla seeks light without darkness and the ultimate prescence of Changeless Radiance throughout the cosmos. He is the final goal towards which the other Lords of Stability strive, each in his or her own fashion.

He aids those who serve Stability, rewards those who establish and maintain the order of things, and provides for those who are industrious, pious, temperate, and of dignified mien.

Hnálla is depicted as an abstract symbol: a double joined circle (like the ‘infinity’ symbol). He has 51 known Aspects. His priests and priestesses wear white robes and silver skullcaps.

Power Centres

Hnálla is esteemed throughout Tsolyánu, Mu’ugalavyá and Yán Kór. In Tsolyánu, he is strongest in the central regions along the Mssúma River.


The Pure Light Society of the temple of Hnálla supports Thúmis’ more pacifistic factions.

Drá, Cohort of Hnálla

The Cohort of Hnálla is Drá: the Uncaring, Singer of the Hymns of the Gods. He is difficult to comprehend; the total disinterest of the Perfect Light in the phenomenal things of this universe. Drá is thus the closest thing to a ‘mystical’ deity to be found on Tékumel; his followers affect complete indifference to this world. Drá is shown as a lumpish, unkempt, and unremarkable man of middle years dressed in a tattered and dirty robe. His emblem is a pair of circles connected horizontally by a wavy line; he has no known Aspects.

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