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A group of fonts from the Professor that he uses to write Tékumelani Languages.

All fonts are in 2 forms. A truetype font for Windows, and an font suitcase for Mac (binhexed). Truetype is the .ttf extension, and the Mac suitcase is the .hqx extension. All fonts that end in ps.hqx are Postscript fonts of the stated variety. They are binhexed.

Note: The non-reversed Tsolyáni and Livyáni fonts have to be typed backwards.

Livyani (ttf)

Livyani (hqx)

A Livyáni font. A non-reversed version.

RLivyani (ttf)

RLivyani (hqx)

Another Livyáni font, that you must reverse to get the true right to left reading. You can reverse the font using a graphics program like Photoshop.

RTsolyan (ttf)

RTsolyan (hqx)

A reverse Tsolyáni font, that is used like the above mentioned Livyáni font. There is a separate font for the Tsolyáni Numbers.

RTsolNum (ttf)

RTsolNum (hqx)

Reverse Tsolyáni Numbers.

Salarvya (ttf)

Salarvya (hqx)

A font for Salarvyáni.

Sunuz (ttf)

Sunuz (hqx)

A font for Sunuz.

Usenanu (ttf)

Usenanu (hqx)

A font for Usenánu.

Font Maps


Word 6.0

Tsolyáni font map


Word 6.0

Sunuz font map

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