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Magical Items

Thirty New Eyes

Thirty new Eyes to add to the EPT/Gardasiyal lists,
by Martin Gibbs and Mike Bell

Some notes on the nature of ‘Eyes’on Tekumel, by Martin Gibbs.

The ancient technological devices known as ‘Eyes’ were originally designed to perform quite specific and useful functions, rather like the tools or labour saving gadgets that we all use today. When designing Eyes for your own Tékumel RPG, try to bear in mind that their function should simulate some appliance function that would have fitted into the needs of spacefaring humankind on the planet. Of course, feel free to devise some clever alternate and ‘unforseen’ uses for them on ‘current’ Tékumel. This is what I have endeavoured to do, while providing for greater variety, choice and a considerable degree of (sadistic?) amusement. Remember that these are mere optional offerings, and not official Tékumel RPG material—but I hope that you do enjoy them!

Note that all Eyes count as items equivalent to a spell cast by a level 20 sorcerer, for the purposes of magical resistance saves.

Eyes may be recharged by the very rare Thoroughly Useful Eye. There are innumerable fakes around Tékumel (Charlatans, hawkers and ‘copper-per-trick’ panderers abound). Remember those unsavoury experiences with the (Nakome) amulet sellers in the marketplace, professing to some unique buying opportunities … “especially for the You-the-Most-Noble-and-Discerning-Purchaser-of-Fine-Antiquities”?

The Thoroughly Useful Eye recharges all other Eyes by placing them iris to iris, and depressing the stud. In my game I let this rarest Eye recharge any other Eye at a further 1-100 Charges. However, with this Eye, if the recharge amount goes over 100, then there’s that percentage chance (difference) that there will immediately be an explosion, destroying both Eyes and resulting in damage at double the indicated radius’s (pg.27 for Category 2 Items failure, Gardasiyal Ref. Guide, Vol 3). If no explosion, then the recipient Eye will immediately discharge the excess charges in random directions until the indicator dial reads ‘100’ (!).This Eye is the rare of the rares, and a special ‘confirming roll’ of 9 or 10 on 1d10 must be rolled in order to actually have one (otherwise it’s a fake). Only four of these were known to exist.

I have graded all of the Eyes in Tékumel RPG sources into basic category types. Roll 1d6 on the table below:


C = ‘Common’ Eye. These were to perform functions for everyday usage. Valued at 1d100 x 1000 gold Kaitars.


U = ‘Uncommon’ Eye. For more specific purposes, or used in specialised areas. Valued at 1d100 x 10,000 gold Kaitars.


R= ‘Rare’ Eye. The most powerful types found. Valued at 1d100 x 100,000 gold Kaitars, and the least likely to be available for sale!

Each Eye has a 50% chance of an indicator dial (otherwise roll a hidden number for GM only), 1d100 charges, a 50% chance of a tiny inscription, in either a (70% chance) Modern or (30% chance) Ancient language (as per Scrolls procedure). Sometimes I substitute a crude hand engraved ‘pictogram’ instead of wording! I also give each a 1 to 20% chance of being defective in some way, due to age and internal degradation. (See chart).

Defective or Deteriorated Eyes Chart

I gave all newly discovered Eyes a 1 to 20% chance of having something wrong with them due to fusing/degradation of the techtronic internals, corrosion, age, misuse, physical damage or manufacturing error (Please contact the warranty holder). There is nothing quite like uncertainty to keep even the most experienced players on their toes. If somehow you are playing in the Time of the Ancients (Spacefaring Mankind), then you may waive this chart …

01 – 50 %

Eye is now inactive, due to some technical defect.

51 – 80%

Eye now only has HALF of its indicated number of charges. Optionally, it may be only be a very weak version, with only 10% of its original strength projected (Bloody batteries).

81 – 90%

The device now has the opposite, or a distorted effect (Gamemaster to be creative with this one!).

91 – 100%

Eye explodes upon activation! Does Table H damage to the user, and Table G to all within 10' of them. (Fatal defect—the victims might be in the safest place).

Enjoy! Tékumel freeware contribution by Martin Gibbs and Mike Bell, from the ‘Lands Below the World’ (Perth - Western Australia) 2003. Mike’s Tékumel character is a very senior 23rd Circle scholar-mage of Great Lord Ksarul, gene-vat mixmaster, and long-standing Governor of Parikana Province at Purdimal in my campaign. (With an ‘interesting’ personal citadel-tower in the mountains N-E of this city.) He is rumoured to be the progeny created by the (sorcerous) union of a Mihalli mage and a rural female shaman. He currently has a vacancy for a new acolyte-apprentice (The last one was vaporised).

The List

This list continues on with the numbering system of listed Eyes from the Gardasiyal ‘Referees Guide’, Book 3. I also updated and included some of those not repeated from the classic (original) Empire of the Petal Throne. Remember, that the effects of Eyes are resisted against, as if cast from a level 20 mage, if this is possible. Some permit only a ‘dexterity save’ or dodge roll. This offering is optional and not official ‘World of Tékumel’ material—but I hope that someone out there appreciates it! No characters should receive Competence/ Experience or Skill points by the use of Eyes during a battle, since it takes no real skill to press an activation stud!

Mrittan he Gribbsa, 16th Circle High Scholar-Priest, Amber Cloak Clan serving at the Temple of Thumis at Tumissa. (First Draft : 11-07-2003. Updated 28-06-2009.)

Eye #46: “The Convenient Eye of Unburdening the Load” [C]

This lifts any inanimate, non-living object of up to size L (large), by temporarily relieving it of its gravitational mass, so that it floats ‘weightless’. The distance above the ground was usually preset at 3 feet (1m), but can be altered if this is pronounced after activation in the ‘Tongue of the Ancients’! It lasts for 2-12 turns and the target must remain within 30' of the Eye at all times. Activation range is 10'. This Eye will affect androids and automatons, but will not work upon any object that is fixed to the ground or similar.

Eye #47: “ The Eye of Purifying the Bakte [Body]” [R]

This Eye will eliminate all instances of bodily contamination and corruption (As per all of the Universal and Generic Alleviation Lists). Includes drugs, toxins, poisons, chemicals and contaminants. Will not remove diseases or natural illnesses. Each application of this Eye has a 10% chance of removing the effects of the deadly drug Zu’ur (But the chance is cumulative for each successive application). Range is 5', and affects only one being per charge.

Eye #48: “ The Eye of Annulling Maladies” [R]

This will heal all bodily diseases, either natural or sorcerous in nature. Will eliminate all fungi, parasites, diseases and even radiation sickness! (It will not heal the damage caused by these maladies. That must be addressed by other means). All the parasitic minions of dread Lord Sarku (and related deities or demons) that are within the cone of effect are destroyed (save permitted). The beam is has a 60 degree arc over 30' range from the iris. The stud may be kept depressed as the user rotates over a 360 degree arc, however this will use 6 charges per ‘sweep’. If applied to a target creature that is affected by disease or infested with parasites, then it will work up to size H (huge). It is thus possible to destroy one of the horrific Aqua or ‘Worms of the Catacombs ‘(save permitted). Sarku’s ‘Worms of the Night’ are non-corporeal creatures and will remain unaffected (They must be dispelled).

Eye #49: “The Eye of Renewing The Enemy [Pedhetl]” [R]

This Eye refills a person’s Psychic Reservoir or Pedhetl. It will also recharge depleted magical items or technological items. The amount of charge is 1–100 points per application. If this ‘renewing’ exceeds the person’s allocated maximum of natural Pedhetl, then they will have the amount in excess converted to a % chance of brain seizure, and death (ie, 40 points over Pedhetl Maximum = a 40% chance of death). Even if this does not occur, then the recipient will also have to make an instant Endurance % Roll at Real Challenge level, or fall into a coma. Further rolls may be made using the Recovery chart (Swords & Glory Vol. 2, brown book), or make the same % Stamina/Con roll, once per day (Critical failure means that they do not awaken from the coma). If revived, then the recipient’s Pedhetl total will be permanently reduced by the excess amount! If magical or technological devices are over charged, then the same is similarly applied, except that if the item fails a saving roll (against destruction by level 20 magic), the it will be destroyed (or explodes, as per Eye malfunctions table). The range for using this Eye is 2' from the iris, and affects only one target item or creature at a time. If used upon the Thoroughly Useful Eye, it will only renew one charge per application.

Eye #50: “The Eye of the Amber Coating” [U]

This Eye will produce a hard, amber-coloured polymer substance, which will cover a 10' x 10' surface, or a 3' x 3' cubic area, sealing down all items into a block or sheet of ‘adamantine’. Successive applications of this Eye against the same target will expand the coverage of the area or block. The reverse setting for ‘melting’ the substance away is achieved by turning the Eye upside down before activation. Unfortunately, it will also permanently soften and make useless (like soft “goo”); chlén-hide items, leathers, and the chitinous exoskeletons of the Pe Choi, Hluss, Ngrutha, Ghar and Hokun. A magic save is permitted against this effect. Range = 30'.

Eye #51: “ The Eye of Assured Abundance” [C]

This Eye increases the fertility or yield of any flora or fauna species, including non-humans and humankind. It will NOT work upon artificially created creatures or those of sorcerous or demonic origin. A crop yield will be increased by 200-300% for up to a 1000' x 1000' area. For creatures, the normal litter will be multiplied by 2 to 4 times that of normal.

WARNING: Successive applications of this Eye before crop harvest or target creature’s full term will produce horrible and increasingly lethal or unfavourable mutations. There is a 25% cumulative chance of destroying the crops or killing the offspring of the target creature (up to size H – huge). If the Eye is used upon a male, then it will increase the target’s virility and fertility by 2 to 3 times (Or from 85 to 99% effective). If used again within 24 hours on the same male, then it will permanently sterilise them! This will result in a loss of vitality equivalent to a loss of -20% of Willpower (My Tékumel campaign), -20% of Pedhetl and –20% of Constitution or 10 points of Stamina (Swords & Glory Vol 2 or Gardasiyal). A magic resistance saving roll is permitted. Range = 60'.

Eye #52: “The Eye of Excellent Adaptation” [C]

This allows 1-6 beings within 40' range, the temporary ability to take in an alternate-breathing medium for 20 turns per application. Example: a Shunned One (Vleshgaya) could breathe air, a human could breathe their sulphurous gases (without harm). Range = a 2 ft. to 40 ft cone (1-6 beings of man size). The target medium respirated must be either liquid or gaseous, and of a reasonable temperature (ie: One could not ‘breathe molten magma …). If the medium that was respirated still remains within the user after the expiry time—then of course there may be repercussions!

Eye #53: “ The Eye of the Scintillating Artificer” [R]

This Eye will convert one base metal into another of a different type (ie, lead to gold). This conversion however is now totally random, since the ‘voice activation code’ used to specify the end product metal was in the ‘Language of The Ancients’. After the Eye has fired at its target, roll % Dice on the table below: (metal to metal):

01% - 20% …...…. Lead
21% - 40 ……..……...Tin
41% - 60% …...….Copper
61% - 70% ……..…Silver
71% - 80% …….…..Gold
81% - 90% ……….…Iron
91 – 97% …….…Platinum
98% - 100% … ‘Duranium’ [The metal of ‘The Ancients’]

Should the metal original be the same as the result rolled on the Table, then instead Roll 1d6 on this sub-table:
1 or 2 : the metal original or object ‘vaporises’. It is ‘absorbed’ into the resources matrix portal built into the Eye.
3 or 4 : An Alloy of the two metals is created (even if this is not usually possible).
5 : A totally new Elemental metal is created, with a new name and new properties.
6 : A ‘super-hardened’ version of the original metal is created (akin to Enchantment).

The Eye does not work again upon a transformed original, or magically enchanted items. The original metal object or sample must be equivalent or under an Encumbrance Value of ‘3’ (15lbs) (or ‘per piece’). [see Gardasiyal, Section Two, Page 4, Purchase Lists in the Player’s Guide, Vol. 1].

Eye #54: “ The Excellent Eye of Qindanu the Cartographer” [U]

Qindanu was reputed to be one of the last ‘Technomancer’ (a ‘scientific sorceror’ who understood the link between magic and technology) from the Wizards of the Latter Times. He was a brilliant Tinalya who also made the mechanical artifact, “The Questing Bird” [See Tékumeli Magic Items Lists]. Upon aiming the iris of the Eye, and pressing the stud, the Eye sends a signal through space and time to orbital Satellites around Tékumel during the last few moments of time before The Great Cataclysm (thereafter ‘The Time of Darkness’). These satellites scan the ‘target area’ in current time, and construct a 2D Map that is instantly produced. The Map area is computed according to whether you are above or below ground. If underground or inside a structure on the surface, then it creates a 100’ x 100’ map. If located freely upon the planet surface, then a 1000’ x 1000’ area topographical map. The Scale of the Map area may be upgraded by depressing the Eye’s stud in quick succession, with each extra charge altering the scaling UPWARDS logarithmically (Base 10).

Strong Radiation or magically rich locations such as Nexus Points, tend to disrupt the Map’s clarity for some unknown reason, and all topographical references and markings are detailed in the ‘Language of The Ancients’.

Eye #55: “The Wonderful Culinary Eye” [C]

This Eye converts any harvested flora (not connected to the earth), or non-living (eg: ‘slaughtered’) fauna, into an appetising, presentable and appealing cooked meal (as interpreted by the modern tastes of the Ancient Spacefarers). It was commonly used as a ‘labour-saving’ kitchen convenience.

The targeted item or area (3' circle or a maximum of one being of size M or smaller) will momentarily vanish, to re-appear some few Sivel later—sliced, cooked, crumbed, basted (or whatever!), and tastefully presented upon a series of appropriate plain white ceramic platters. Unforseen effects upon Current Tékumel will be that it will now convert also Undead creatures (eg: Mrur) of previously organic natures (‘non-living’), into a cooked, sauced and sliced ‘meal’ as well (Destroying them unless a MRF Roll vs Level 20 is made). The Eye will not affect live fauna or uncut (growing) flora, automatons or non-corporeal creatures.

Eye #56: “The Horrible Eye of Disparate Congealment” [R]

(The inspiration for this Eye came from Prof. M.A.R. Barker’s “The Man of Gold”).

A limited number of these Eyes were created via the tinkering of an unfortunate scholar-priest of Thumis at the Monastery of the Grey Cloak in the Chaka Forests. It affects a 1 foot (max) targeted area (range = 30'), “melting” all material of organic or inorganic material, and ‘refusing’ it again equally together …. [On an atomic level – ever seen The Fly No. II movie ??]. If used carelessly upon a living target (Say “un-aimed”), then roll for a random body location, and the nearest surface or contacted object (A warrior might have a part of his armour permanently bonded to his flesh). The victim may even find their feet permanently bonded to the floor where they are standing (!). There is no known reversal for this effect (besides amputation of the affected part). If a hit occurs upon a vital area, then this would become invariably fatal (ie: face ‘melts’ and then solidifies into an intermingled mess …It would be amusing to have a warrior’s helmet permanently bonded upon his skull though?).

The original creator of this Eye spent the remainder of his Lifetime permanently bonded to the stone floor of his study room ….by the hip-joint where he fell. His fused bones are still shown to Temple initiates as a lesson in experimental folly. The Priesthood of Hru’u would perhaps show an interest in the acquisition of this Eye, but may possibly become insensed by anyone who is seen using this Eye, since it very closely duplicates a portion of their ‘Viscosity’ (Temple Spell #115) spell. [The Eye however does make an excellent ‘glue-gun’!].

Eye #57: “The Eye of the Compliant Mind” [U]

This Eye as used by the Ancient ‘Security Forces’ of interstellar Tékumel, to interrogate suspects and prisoners. It was also used by some operatives to implant hidden ‘sleeper’ instructions in subjects, that would be triggered by specified conditional circumstances (Eg: “Kill the Commander once he sleeps tonight”).

A single charge will reduce the subject’s mental resistance and enhances their cooperation for questioning (The Willpower% Stat (WILL) is reduced to 10% of its original value (I use a WILL % Stat. In my Gardasiyal game, and this constitutes the third Stat. Required to total up a Pedhetl amount for Sorcery / INT% + WILL% + Psy. Res.% // Psychic Ability is a Stat. Bonus and competence in my game).

An original Willpower % stat. of say 50% would be temporarily reduced to 05% by one charge (MRF vs Level 20 allowed) of the Eye [a Real Challenge save test to resist interrogation and suggestions afterwards!].

WARNING: If used again upon an already influenced victim, OR upon one who is Mind-Barred, ‘Jade-Arched’ or under sorcerous mental control (ie; ‘Domination’), then there is a 75% chance of pushing there mental state into either (Roll 1d6):

1 – 2 : A brain seizure (1-4 rounds), followed by a Coma.
3 – 4 : A violent bezerk frenzy, followed by a state of permanent homicidal paranoia (!).
5 – 6 : Gibbering Insanity (‘Hlakme Death’).

This Eye will also work upon intelligent non-human species, non-corporeal entities/spirits (subject to ‘Age’), and some minor Demonic Servitor Races. Duration = 3 turns (I Kiren), affects 1 subject, Range = 30'.

Eye #58: “The Eye of Immaculate Cleansing” [C]

This Eye acts as a high-tech industrial steriliser and cleanser, that uses waves of ‘Y’ Radiation (Newly discovered in Mankind’s future). One being of up to size ‘L’ is “purified” of all tumours, cancers, fungi, bacteria and viruses, and the progression of internal diseases is halted. If used upon an otherwise healthy being, it will result in damage on Table ‘A’ for “burns” on the first application, and Table B for the second, and so on with more progressions. If a Critical is rolled on the Damage Table, then the subject will lose 1 Stamina point per day until death or cured by methods that heal the “Malady of the Ancients” (radiation sickness). A victim thus affected will also lose 1 extra point of blood for each wound sustained while still ill. As an additional side-effect, the radiated victim also starts to lose all bodily hair or scales, and chitin weakens progressively (softens).

Inanimate objects targeted by the Eye will be beautifully cleaned and sterilised. Unfortunately the Eye analyses and interprets all of The Undead as all encompassing sources of disease and destroys them utterly, into a dry crumbling ruin. Affects a 10' area circle with a 30' target range. The Eye is particularly effective against Sagun, The Affiable Blight of Lord Uni, Worms of Death, etc.

Eye #59: “The Eye of Sensory Adaptation” [C]

This Eye dramatically improves a single sense organ of one being (even non-corporeal creatures and automatons !). The GM can choose a sense or the PC rolls 1d6 on the following random chart below;

1 = Vision
2 = Hearing
3 = Taste
4 = Touch
5 = Smell
6 = Extra-sensory, ie – danger- sense or other ‘special’.

Other chances for a ‘special’ effect could be; ESP, ‘danger-sense’, precognition (extra temporal perception or foresight, extended sensory range or capacity/capability, sensing of invisible or “out-of-phase” objects, creatures, Planes and portals and so on.

NOTE: The results of using this Eye may be a blessing or a curse to the recipient! Amplified sight could result in ‘flash-blindness’ in certain circumstances (like fire-crackers to a person with ‘Night-Vision’ goggles on). Extended range and capacity hearing could potentially be fatal to a Pe Choi who hears a sudden overpowering loud noise or explosion. Stun, unconsciousness or even death could result from an amplified sense of smell with a powerful/repulsive odour (a corpse pit in summer for example!). The Temple of Chiteng covets this Eye, as an aid to its interrogations, tortures and special ceremonies. Range = 30', duration = 10 turns, affects 1 being enclosed or ‘point blank’ or up to 1-6 beings (narrow cone effect), per charge.

Eye #60: “The Eye of Rejuvenation” [C]

This Eye produces a ‘pick-me-up’ effect, renewing the vigour (Constitution) of 1-6 beings within 10 feet, and dissipating all feelings of lassitude and fatigue. In game terms it restores all lost Constitution, fatigue and stamina to depleted targets. To unfatigued of fit subjects it will act as a Generic level ‘Nimbleness’ spell, adding = 10% to Dexterity or Intelligence % rolls for up to 12 turns (successive applications are not cumulative). (12 turns – 4 Kiren or 2 hours).

An application also revives and awakens those who are stunned, unconscious or in a coma (and sleeping). It also ‘cures’ the effects of hangovers and drunkenness! The adherents of Dlamelish and Hrihayal and foreign equivalents value it highly, as it assists them with their long and orgiastic rituals. Range = 60', affects 1-6 targets in a max. 10' cone.

Eye # 61: “The Eye of Instant Fortitude” [C]

This Eye raises the Morale Class of 1-6 sentient beings by an additional +1 level or rating per application. (Classes A to G as per Swords and Glory or Vol II of Gardasiyal). If elevated to “over the top” or beyond the table, then the recipient will become a Fearless Hero until the expiration or dissipation of the effect. The Hero may not voluntarily withdraw from battle thus affected. Range = 120', duration = 2 turns (20 combat rounds), affects a 10' radius circle.

Eye #62: “ The Eye of Oral Encapsulation” [C]

This Eye has the ability to capture any audible sounds or voice, and store it in its matrix for immediate transfer into any inanimate object or substance (eg; Storage into a gem, door, statue, wall, painting, etc). The Eye works in two stages. Firstly, the amount of stored sound is determined by the time duration that the stud is initially depressed for. Once the “recording” is ended and fixed, then the next target for the Eye’s iris is the object that the sound will be transferred into (which also uses up 1 charge). Enchanted or Warded items or areas may have a MRF resistance roll to avoid being ‘implanted’ with the ‘sound series’ [See Magic Items section of Gardasiyal]. Otherwise assume that the item has a MRF factor to resist the Eye, equivalent to L8 (Eyes have a standard MRF of L20). This gives a 35% chance to resist the sound implantation.

Each additional sound recorded is implanted separately at a cost of 1 charge for the recording, and one for the implantation. The activation of the sound or the ‘replaying’ is triggered by prefixed programming in the Eye, by either:

i) Touch: by a creature within 5’ or less of the “implantation point”.
ii) By the ‘recognition’ of the same language that was used in the recording sequence (triggered at 30’ range or less from implantation).

An unforseen use of the Eye is produced if the iris is pointed directly at a creature or sentient being. If the activation stud is depressed, the target may have all of it’s sound capability or voice transferred into the Eye’s matrix (as per a ‘Silence’ spell). A MRF vs L20 is permitted. This occurs if there was no sound(s) stored in the Eye at the time. If there were sounds stored in it then the target being will have their normal voice or sound replaced 50% of the time, each time they attempt to communicate (Whatever the last voice recording or sound was …) This effect is permanent unless the Eye is re-activated again successfully against the being. Even then, there is a 50% chance (again) that the wrong sound was removed, requiring another activation! If the Eye is destroyed then all implanted effects are nullified.

Eye #63: “The Eye of Membranous Collation” [C]

This Eye ‘scans’ an area within 30' of itself, analysing it for collections of homogeneous items (ie: silver coins, bottles of wine, Dlel fruits, nuts, etc). It will only focus on a single type of item or substance that is portioned into similar amounts (Size ‘M’ or smaller). The Eye then collates and “shrink-wraps” the item(s) into neat and transportable arrangements of (plastic) wrapped quantities of items. Each bundle is sealed within a transparent, smooth, form-fitting artificial membrane that is resistant to heat, cold, humidity, acid, frost, etc. Man-sized items such as a statue will be individually wrapped, however significantly small items such as berries would be “collated” and wrapped into bundles—ie: 6’s, 10’s, 20’s, etc.

As an original ‘safety’ mechanism, the Eye will not work upon live Fauna or beings, however it will work upon The Undead and Automatons (a use quite unforseen by the original designers). Each activation will also “shrink-wrap” an undead creature of size M or lesser (multitudes of smaller undead, such as scarab beetles or Worm’s of Death would be ‘shrink-wrapped into convenient bundles ‘product’). The clear wrapping is removable from the outside by hand with a Very Difficult Dexterity % roll (One attempt per round). For a being bound in the wrap by itself.

Eye #64: “The Eye of Incoherency” [U]

Used by Space-faring Humankind and Travellers, to enable them to withstand the effects of hyper-travel acceleration, extreme ‘G’ forces, crushing gravity wells. It works by putting the corporeal body into a state of de-corporeal or particulate form. (Akin to the effects of a ‘phasing transporter’, used to ‘beam’ persons, objects or cargo from one place to another.)

Direct physical energy or magical targeted attacks will pass right through the “phased” creature harmlessly. Area effects will still occupy the area of the creature, and will take effect, should the creatures take form again while the hostile gaseous substance is still around and intermingled. (Like teleporting into a poison gas cloud). A second activation of the Eye is required to restore the being or item again to its reconstituted form again. While incorporeal, the being may react with other non-corporeal beings, spirits and so on. The character may not interact with the physical world again, until ‘restored’ again by the Eye.

Odd numbers of charges remaining in the Eye, imply that an object or being is still non-corporeal ‘Somewhere’. An unfortunate being may become ‘trapped’ in it’s de-corporal form, with no charges remaining in the Eye! The effect cannot be ‘dispelled’. Stellar ships were later fitted with the decorporallization device internally, and thus there may be hope for one so ‘stranded’. Range = 20' and 1 being/ charge.

Eye #65: “The Eye of Annulling the Machines of The Ancients” [U]

The effect of this Eye is to temporarily disrupt the power flow to technological machines or devices, so that they can be serviced or de-activated. It causes a selective EMP pulse that temporarily prevents the ability of the device to power it’s function. It causes Automatons to “freeze” or deactivate, Aircars to plummet from the Sky, etc. It even stops the function of other Eyes (MRF save allowed, L20 vs L20). This effect is only temporary, and it will not destroy or deplete them. It will also have no effect upon items, beings or spells of sorcerous and non-technological origin, nor can it cancel existing magical effects.

It has a distinctive beam that lances out towards a target and is twinkling ‘vapourous’ blue in appearance. Strangely, the beam is blocked by the metal Lead.

The range is 1200 feet, instantaneous, with all technical devices MRF saves at ‘0’. It lasts for 2 turns per charge, before power is restored to affected circuits and conduits. Against other Eyes there is a standard L20 vs L20 MRF save, which is 60%.

Eye #66: “The Compelling Eye of Ecstatic Gratification” [U]

This Eye has been frequently found within the temples dedicated to Lady Dlamelish, and Her Cohort Mistress Hrihayal, and other associated foreign deities. It produces instant surges of ecstatic sensual, sexual, and euphoric pleasure. It produces these sensations that are similar to the lower levels of the ‘Concupescence’ spells from Gardasiyal/ S & G. A MRF save is permitted (vs L20), an each application will last for 1 turn. A target will be rendered incapacitated while under the effects of waves of pleasure and sensuous gratification (as it’s hard to concentrate upon anything else!).

A person using this Eye upon themselves will have to make a Willpower saving % roll at a ‘ Difficult’ level, to resist the urge to immediately use it again upon themselves. Characters of Intelligence of 80% or more will have wisdom enough to reduce the ‘temptation’ roll at an ‘Easy’ level. Each application will cause a temporary loss of –5 Stamina Points, and reduce their Experience Level (Or Highest Professional Skill) by –1 Level. All these effects will be regained again after normal rest through a good night’s sleep.

After the effects of this Eye cease, the target will also be overcome with a partial lassitude which will last for _ hour (1 Kiren), during which all Skills are reduced by –20% (per application). During this time they will suffer from a lack of motivation, enthusiasm, and mobility. All movement will be reduced to the minimum rate. The lassitude will encourage sleep, and the affected will have to Roll a Resistance Roll at ‘Easy’ level (initially) or curl up and recuperate with a ‘nap’ for 1-4 hours afterwards. The Resistance difficulty rises by 1 level worse for each successive application of the Eye in the same day, and the ‘sleep’ dice are cumulative with each use. Persistent and repetitive use can therefore really ‘knock someone out’ for a quite a while.

It works upon all fauna and living creatures, however it cause ‘pain’ and incapacitation to all undead creations, even non-corporeal ones, while they are under the effects (1 turn). The incapacitation causes the victim(s) to writhe in ‘agony’ reducing their Willpower, fighting capacity and movement by –50% per application, cumulative. (ie: an Undead at L8 would become l4, then L2, then L1 etc). All creatures may have a MRF roll to resist the effects of the Eye, but undead targeted by it will save at a MRF value of 4 instead of 8. Range = 60' / Affects 1-6 beings / Duration = 1 turn.

Eye #67: “ The Eye of Inanimate Animation” [U]

The original intention of this Eye was to entertain the citizens of Ancient Tékumel by animating realistic miniature figurines, by imbuing them with their own Pedhetl (‘power’). Puppets, ‘fluffy toys’ and mechanisms would be made to perform for public entertainment, children’s pantomimes, and to provide ambulation to works of art that did not have power cells ‘per se’. The Eye will only work upon a non-living item of size ‘S’ or smaller. The item or object may be directed to perform simple tasks by the holder of the Eye for 1 hour per charge used. If the Eye passes out of 100' range, then the original object will de-animate again.

Ensorcelled items may not be so animated, including machines of ancient technology. The animated object cannot perform impossible tasks beyond it’s physical limits or design, or complex and conditional tasks, as the item does not possess ‘intelligence’. [It is rumoured that some performing puppets (from the entertainment Puppeteering Clans actually have either a version of this Eye permanently installed in them, and they animate themselves ‘at will’. There are further rumours that these puppets are actually ‘fitted’ with a Life-stone which is ensorcelled and may even provise the Puppet with a ‘borrowed’ Soul as well …..]. Range = 100' / and I object per charge.

Eye #68: “The Eye of Fiery Breath” [C]

This Eye will produce a ‘medium’ fire (See S & G page 140), of radius 10', up to a range of 120' (targeted). This is equivalent to the G3 version of ‘The Radiant Gaze’ spell (Page 60/61 of Vol II, Sorcery and Spells / Gardasiyal). It will slay from 1-6 beings within the circle, also igniting all flammables. Those who make a MRF save or dodge out of the impact circle will take Table D fire damage (no armour modification, and a 75% chance to ignite all carried flammable items and clothing). The fire produced may be doused. Range = 120' / Duration = instant / 10' circle (affects 1-6 beings) / Save = Table ‘D” damage.

Eye #69: “The Eye of Safety Amidst Predators” [C]

This Eye sprays the target with an “anti-predator” essence that wards off or deters away carnivorous fauna for up to 30 turns per full application. No aggressive natural creature will be able to approach closer than 20-50 feet of the protected person. A very strong wind or rainfall can reduce the essence deterrent. (5–15 feet). Creatures will not attack the scented person with ranged weapons either. Unfortunately there is a 20% chance (cumulative per turn) that hostile creatures that are attracted to the smell of rotting meat, such as carrion-eaters and certain Undead. Carrion-eaters will detect this essence up to 300’ range from the user. Range is 20', Duration = 6 hours and affects 1 being of size ‘M’ or smaller.

Eye #70: “ The Eye of Wondrous Preservation” [C]

This Eye suspends the act of natural decomposition, putrefaction or decay, upon any non-living matter. It can be used therefore, to keep fruits, herbs, vegetables, meat or bodies, suspended until needed again. (It will not refresh rotting fruit/ meat however). It stops the Undead from regenerating though. It will also prevent the advance of decomposition, and the progression of certain offensive spells. Range = 100', duration = 24 hours, target area = a, area = 20' circle.

Eye #71: “The Eye of the Effervescent Blanket” [C]

This Eye produces a spray of a white, slippery, foamy substance that is emitted in a cone from 10 to 60 feet in range. Its main function is to extinguish fires, solidify magma and liquid metals, etc. [See Swords and Glory, Vol II ‘Putting out Fires’ table, pg. 140]. It will raise the difficulty of moving across smooth, flat surfaces covered in the foam, by two categories ‘worse’ (ie: Easy Difficulty becomes Difficult with a Dexterity roll). The Eye will automatically extinguish a normal fire, and have a base chance of 50% to put out a magical fire. Range = from 10 to 60 feet. Duration ; for 3 rounds per ‘burst’.

Eye #72: “The Eye of Reducing The Enemy” [R]

This Eye was accidentally created by a tinkering scholar-mage during the ‘Lords of the Latter Times’ era. (Basically, it is a ‘Reversed Thoroughly Useful Eye’). This will “suck” Other Planar Power from charged magic items, including the technological items of The Ancients. It will also dissipate from1-100 Pedhetl points from a mage or a magic-using creature that is hit by the beam.

Any mage or creature that has their store of Pedhetl reduced to zero or below falls unconscious. The remaining score of depleted points below zero is recalculated as the % Chance of that creature or mage’s instant brain death. Survivors will remain incapacitated within a coma-like state while their Pedhetl slowly returns at a rate of one point per day of rest. If they fail a MRF roll vs L20, then their psychic spell ability is reduced by one level due to the trauma.

Note: Certain out-of-phase creatures or beings sealed within an extra-temporal state (Excellent Ruby Eye, etc) are immune to the effects of this Eye. Certain spells will also protect against it, such as; ‘Vallation’ (All) G8, #68; ‘The Sphere of Impermeable Quiescence’, U10, #20; ‘The Speculum of Retribution’, G2 and upwards, #65; ‘The Muniments of Excellence’ T8, #75; ‘The Pearl-Grey Citadel’ (all variants) #179; ‘The Obsidian Obelisk’ T3 and up, #130; ‘The Inimitable Defender’ T2 upwards, #103 and the ‘The Expediter of the Skein of Destiny’ (all variants) #181. All spells except ‘The Expediter’ (Qon) that are barriers have their magical energy sapped instantly, gaining the sorcerer time to extricate themselves or react further.

If cast upon a victim (not self) immediately after the Eye’s beam hits (or before!), the spell of ‘Benefaction’ G8 may save an unfortunate mage by replenishing the Pedhetl. Range = 120' / Duration = instant (aimed beam) / Affects I being or item.

Eye #73: “The Eye of Enhanced Putrefaction” [C]

This Eye causes an area or group of beings to quickly putrefy and rot away, similar to the Durritlamish Temple spell ‘Putrefaction’ (#171). The Eye was designed to reduce compost piles or animal carcasses to their base elements for recycling. Therefore – the Eye will only work upon cut and dead piles of flora or plants that have mostly died off. Similarly, it will only work upon dead flesh or carcasses. The Undead will be affected, since they would be classed as ‘Dead Fauna’. This affects a 20 ft x 20ft area, (or 2-12 beings), with a range of up to 120 ft. All Undead will receive a MRF roll to resist the Eye’s effects. It takes 3 rounds for the target material to rot down to crumbling bones or to compost for dead plant matter. Range = 120' / Affects: 2-12 beings of ‘M’ size or a 20’ x 20’ area sq. of dead plants.

Eye #74: “The Eye of Negative Calcification” [U]

This Eye was designed to remove the bones from fish, crustaceans and animals before processing. It was also useful for cleaning barnacles and molluscs from ships and reducing coral from seabeds. If used against any creature, it will instantly deplete it of all calcium and other minerals …ie: the bones and exoskeletons. It will also affect certain sedimentary rocks, such as limestone and sandstone, weakening their structures. Sentient creatures may make a Dexterity Evasion saving roll to dodge the cone area. Those with sorcerous ability or resistance may make a MRF saving roll vs L20 to resist it’s effects instead. Range = 60' / Duration = instant / Affects: # 10' area or 1-5 beings of ‘M’ size.

Eye #75: “The Eye of Advancing the Temporal Cycle” [R]

This rare Eye was another early experimental production model that was discontinued after a while due to ‘technical difficulties’. It will advance the subject’s Lifecycle by approximately one quarter of the normal total lifespan. This is equivalent to one generation. Therefore, in human terms, this would make a newborn babe into a 20-25 year old adult. This effect cannot be ‘dispelled’, but could further be reversed by the Temple of Lady Dlamelish’s “Rejuvenation” spells.

The progression stages that are caused by each activation of the Eye are as follows:
Baby | Young Adult | Mature Adult | Old Age | Death

The advancement depends upon where the subject lies upon the Timeline. The exact numerical age of the subject depends upon their sex and species, so the GM may adjudicate this. The Eye was initially designed to assist in the maturation of livestock and even rare plants (eg: Orchids), as well as other experimental uses (Even as a form of State Punishment instead of lengthy and expensive prison terms). However the process showed some signs of instability, and so production was halted. There are perhaps only a handful of these Eyes now left. There is a further 10% chance after an application of the subject continuing to age without ‘treatment’ after each maturation cycle, at the rate of a further 1 Generation per day. A newborn baby therefore could die of old age within a week. A temporally displaced or out-of-phase creature, non-corporeal, undead, sorcerously produced creatures and automatons are unaffected. Range = 30' / Duration = Permanent / Affects : 1 being only per charge.

That’s It ! I hope that some of these provoke some creativity and amusement for All. Now—the Tékumel GM may decide upon the Standard or Extended List (here). Ohe! Thankyou Professor Barker (Phil) for your amazingly interesting World of Tékumel, as worthy of preservation as ‘The Scrolls of Pavar’. Martin Gibbs / Mike Bell / 2009.

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