World of Tékumel



The skittish Hláka are generally neutral to man’s doings, talkative, curious, and a bit scatterbrained. Hláka mercenaries may remain away from their homes for two or three years at a time, but then insist on returning, often never to return. Their flying talents make them valuable as scouts, and they can sometimes be persuaded to drop items on enemy troops if they are not in danger themselves. Hláka are terrified of ships however, and may literally die of fright if forced to travel by water.

Physical Attributes

Hláka are slender, light-boned flyers with leathery wings and greyish or brownish short fur, ranging in height from 1.4 to 1.59m. The head is humanoid, somewhat flattened, with three close-set eyes (often bright blue) beneath a heavy brow ridge; a furry ruff at the sides and back of the head conceals their hearing organs. They possess a powerful prehensile tail which ends in a rapier-like bony blade. Their arms and legs are relatively weak and they hate walking for prolonged distances. Their are two sexes: males (55 percent of the population) and females (45 percent).


Mountain eyries in Kilalammu, to the east of Tsolyánu.

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