World of Tékumel



The small Tinalíya are intensely curious, learned, materialistic, often generous, and disturbingly literal-minded—they cannot comprehend exaggerations, jokes, idioms and figures of speech, which sometimes results in misunderstandings. They are good fighters, and noted for their magical talents and skill with devices of the ancients. The Livyáni permit several legions of Tinalíya to serve under their own leaders as a defence against the Mu’ugalavyáni, whom the Tinalíya despise as being too officious and insistent upon their formal bureaucratic procedures.

Physical Attributes

The Tinalíya range from .56 to .75m in height, have four short, outwardly-bowed lower legs, a spherical abdomen, two long arms ending in claw-like three-fingered hands with an opposable thumb, and sloping heads with huge eyes and vaguely humanoid features. The body is divided into small bulbous segments and is covered with a horny integument, usually tan, russet or deep brown in colour. There are three sexes: males (10 percent), females (5 percent), and neuters (85 percent); the latter sex, and a few females, are usually the ones who wander out into the world to explore, trade and satisfy their curiosity for a few years before returning to the intricate social life of their cities.


Communal underground cities in the southern foothills of the Tlashte Heights in Livyánu.

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