World of Tékumel



The Nyaggá are an aquatic race that remain aloof and generally do not bother human shipping, though they have been known to come ashore for infrequent and brief nocturnal raids. Dead specimens have shown that they are essentially mammalian, and there are rumours that the Nyaggá can interbreed with humans—as witness the vestigal gills and pallid appearance of the folk living around the cities of Ngaku and Prajnu. However they cannot—or do not—communicate with man and react hostilely to incursions into their watery domains.

Physical Attributes

The body of the Nyaggá is a long, tapering cylinder some 3m in length, without fins or scales, a sickly grey-white in colour, and ending in an eel-like tail. The head is round and bulbous, soft and segmented like a human brain. A central black-lipped mouth is surrounded by a ring of six great jet-black eyes. Six long retractable tentacles covered with tiny suckers and cilia, which serve for hands, emerge from a ring of muscle at the juncture of the body and the head. Totally extended, the Nyaggá is about 5m long. In water they swim with a sinuous quickness, while on land they pull themselves along with their tentacles in combination with a coiling of their bodies. Their reproductive processes are unknown.


Beneath the waters of Lake Parunal to the east of Yán Kór and Sa’á Allaqí.

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