World of Tékumel



The Urunén have only recently come into contact with the inhabitants of the northern continent; therefore not much is known about them. Their society is homogenous, complex, and inward-looking; they are good scholars and exhibit psychic talents on a par with those of mankind. The Urunén have shown an ability to dissemble and play at diplomacy, and is likely that their cleverness will make them difficult allies and dangerous foes.

Physical Attributes

A little taller than mankind (from 1.45 to 1.93m) and quite humanoid in appearance, the Urunén have a muscular body covered with brownish, velvet-like fur, and possess a long tail. The head is rather alien however; long-snouted, triangular, like a cross between a serpent and some bovine animal. The eyes are set wide apart on each side of the head. There are two sexes: males (35 percent), and females (65 percent).


The sub-polar regions around Tékumel’s south pole.

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