World of Tékumel


Shunned Ones

Tsolyáni: Vleshgayal; Yán Koryáni: Blashagh)

These hideous, gangling beings are totally inimical to mankind and his allies; mighty sorcerors who in small parties search the ruins and labyrinths of ancient Tékumel for magical devices and equipment. Very little is known about their society, for their sealed domed cities keep in their own noxious atmosphere; a corrosive, yellowish gas that renders humans incapacitated after 30 minutes and kills within another 45 minutes at most.

Physical Attributes

The Shunned Ones are humanoid, very tall (from 1.85 to 2.33m), with extremely long, bony limbs. The face is puckered and wrinkled like rotting fruit and has only a pair of round, black, pupiless eyes for features. The mouth is hidden in a mass of wrinkles at the base of the throat. They wrap themselves in voluminous, flapping robes of dust-brown or night-black. Their worst feature, however, is their terrible and repellent stench, which can be detected at a range of as much as 60m! Specimens possess at least five types of organs which may be reproductive in function—these may represent different sexes, or they may be developmental stages in the life-cycle of one sex.


Sealed domed cities in the barren plains of Yán Kór.

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