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The Eye of All-Seeing Wonder

Issue One | Autumn 1992

Issue 1


Opening the Way

Editorial from Dave Morris.

Welcome to Jakálla

Michael Cule presents the story of the Hill People’s arrival in Tsolyánu. An introductory scenario for GURPS Tékumel.

The Epic of Hrugga

The deeds of the favourite Tsolyáni folk-hero, as recounted by David Bailey. Find out Hrugga’s take on table manners, gambling and more.

The Relative Status of the Legions

Jack Bramah assesses the pecking-order within the Tsolyáni military hierarchy.

The Profession of Arms

Got your heart set on becoming a soldier? Dave Morris considers what a big difference clan makes.

The Clan of the Iron Plume

Mark Wigoder-Daniels takes a walk around this scribe’s clan-house. Discover the intrigues and heart-aches that lie behind those ink pots and scrunched-up bits of papyrus.

Joyful Sitting Amongst Friends

Send us your letters; tell us your views.

Tusmikang Khawenlitusmi!

Any fool can batter someone to death with the business end of a chlen-hide sword. Patrick Brady demonstrates how to do it with style.

Best Savoured Cold

Blue light, chimes and the smell of cinnamon... Be afraid. Be very afraid.

The Excellent Travelling Volume

Dermot Bolton pens his first chapter from the land of Jannu.

Tékumel Products Review

Tsolyáni Names for Games

Recent History

The Eye of All-Seeing Wonder is dedicated with respect and gratitude to
Professor M.A.R.Barker, creator of the world of Tékumel.

This first charge of The Eye of All-Seeing Wonder was edited and laid out by Dave Morris with particular help from Ian Marsh, who designed the cover and utilized his Eyes of Insubstantial Visioning and Retaining All Things to enhance the production. We would like to thank all the contributors, and especially Mark Wigoder-Daniels, Dermot Bolton and James Wallis for special help. Illustrations are by Dave Morris and Patrick Brady. All contributions remain the copyright of the authors, and though great care has been taken to maintain authenticity we must reiterate that this is not an official Tékumel product.

The web edition of The Eye of All-Seeing Wonder was created by Dermot Bolton with permission and source files provided by Dave Morris. Additional layout by Peter Gifford. Special thanks go to Chris Claydon and Giles Sutcliffe for all their assistance with converting files and setting up templates.

All contributions remain the copyright of the individual authors, where an author is not specifically mentioned copyright belongs to Dave Morris.

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