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The Eye of All-Seeing Wonder

Issue Two | Autumn 1993

Issue 2


Opening the Way

Editorial from Dave Morris.

Crystal Clear

Travel south to the Kerunan Protectorate, where Dermot Bolton unfolds a tale steeped in skulduggery and dark doings. A scenario for TIRIKELU.

The Lament to the Wheel of Black

The great epic of the creation of Tékumel and the Battle of Dormoron Plain, described by Mark Wigoder-Daniels.

The Land of the Manifest Spirit

Steve Foster takes the express tubeway car to a country beyond the western horizon. A long way beyond.

Joyful Sitting Amongst Friends

Put your weapons in the rack by the door, seat yourselves according to dais and get ready for some convivial chit-chat.

Wizards in White Hats

The strange occult secrets of Livyánu, land of sorcery, are revealed by Jamie Thomson.

Barbarous Experiment

Michael Cule explains why the heroes of last Issue’s scenario came from outside the Empire.

In the Wrong Hands

A systemless scenario in which curiosity might well kill the tiuni, by Dave Morris.

Count Your Blessings

Paul Mason explains how to make the most of the shadowy boundary between superstition and real magic.

This Issue of The Eye of All-Seeing Wonder was edited and laid out by Dave Morris, with particular help from Ian Marsh (production & cover design), Steve Foster (computing facilities), Mark Wigoder-Daniels (distribution & publishing arrangements) and Dermot Bolton. Artwork is by Russ Nicholson (cover) and Dave Morris. All contributions remain the copyright of the individual authors and artists. Care has been taken to maintain authenticity, but this is not an official Tékumel publication.

Tékumel products are available from the following sources in the UK:
Leisure Games, 91 Ballards Lane, Finchley, London N3 1XY and
Esdevium Games, 6 Wellington St, Aldershot, Hants GU11 1DZ

and in the USA from:
Theatre of the Mind Enterprises Inc, Suite 205, The Byrne Building, Lincoln & Morgan Streets, Phoenixville, PA 19460

The web edition of The Eye of All-Seeing Wonder was produced by Dermot Bolton and Chris Claydon with permission and source files provided by Dave Morris. Additional layout by Peter Gifford. Special thanks go to Giles Sutcliffe for assistance with setting up templates.

All contributions remain the copyright of the individual authors, where an author is not specifically mentioned copyright belongs to Dave Morris.

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