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The Eye of All-Seeing Wonder

Issue Three | Spring 1994

Issue 3


Opening the Way

Editorial from Dave Morris.

The City of Pála Jakálla

Jack Bramah shows us round the streets and clanhouses of this colourful southern town.

Joyful Sitting Amongst Friends

The Plaque of Joyous Conviviality hangs by the door; Chumetl and sweetmeats are to hand. Come and join the party.

Servants of the Petal Throne

Mark Wigoder-Daniels reveals the secret inner workings of the Palace of the Realm. It wouldn’t have happened under the old Emperor.

Thusúli Tlamúsun!

Ever wondered what the Tsolyáni have for dinner? Here’s what they’re serving at the Sea Blue clanhouse tonight.


Washed up on a desert island with a beautiful foreign princess. What more could a young marine wish for? A Lightning Bringer, for one thing...

Blue Murder

Violence may be the last resort of the ignorant, but there’s no reason to let it bankrupt you as well. Take a look at our guide to staying solvent after the dust has settled.

Keeping the Peace

An entire campaign based in Pala Jakálla, for players who don’t mind not being wealthy young layabouts for a change.

The Clan of the Red Flower

As a tie-in to the feature on Pala Jakálla, we take a closer look at this seafaring clan.


Map of Tsolyánu
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This Issue of The Eye of All-Seeing Wonder was edited by Dave Morris with particular help from Ian Marsh and Steve Foster. Interior art by Martin Helsdon, maps and diagrams by Dave Morris. Cover by Russ Nicholson. All contributions remain the copyright of the individual authors and artists except for the cover, which is copyright © Transworld Publishers Ltd 1986, and used with their permission. Care has been taken to maintain authenticity, but this is not an official Tékumel publication.

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