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The Eye of All-Seeing Wonder

Issue Three | Spring 1994

Opening the Way

Tor various reasons the hoped-for publication arrangement with Theatre of the Mind did not happen. This means that our readers in the States may still have trouble getting hold of The Eye, though I hope to be able to get a supply of copies to The Compleat Strategist in New York. Looking on the bright side, retaining our A4 format instead of switching to quarto means that all the instalments of TIRIKELU can be fitted into the same binder.

This Issue brings us to the TIRIKELU magic system. [TIRIKELU can be found online here] Readers familiar with Swords & Glory may be wondering about the provenance of this. In fact it is derived from the old EPT rules, plus ideas culled from War of Wizards. Both those systems had a rich feel of Tékumelani folklore which S&G was forced to sacrifice in favour of detail. The point of the TIRIKELU magic system is that it’s simple (you can generate NPC sorcerers in a just a few seconds) and that no two sorcerers are quite the same. But if you prefer the more detailed approach of S&G magic, by all means use that. It’s quite easy to mesh it with the TIRIKELU combat system.

Another nice cover this Issue, again courtesy of Russ Nicholson. (I don’t know who those three guys are meant to be, but at a guess they could be warrior-priests of Enome, the Bednalljan equivalent of Ksarul.) Thanks also to Martin Helsdon, who has sent in some excellent pictures that will be appearing in The Eye.

Next Issue (which ought to be out by the end of the summer) will cost £2.99 including postage in the UK, £3.50 elsewhere in Europe. Cheques should be made payable to me personally. US subscribers can send $6.00, and as long as you trust me with cash I think you’ll find that’s the easiest way to pay. Hopefully we’ll be able to get some better distribution arrangements in the USA eventually, which ought to bring the price down.

Subscribers might also be interested in a new magazine called ‘Interaction’. I haven’t seen this yet, but it promises to be intriguing, being the brainchild of James Wallis and Andrew Rilstone, both stalwarts of the rolegaming scene. The idea is to bring a new level of informed debate to the whole field of rolegaming, storytelling and interactive fiction. To find out more, write to 29a Abbeville Road, London SW4 9LA (or journal@wonder.demon.co.uk).

If your appetite is whetted by the food article on page 17 and you live in London, let me recommend a couple of places where I’ve enjoyed many a delicious banquet. The Thai Kitchen in Bayswater has good authentic fare—although you have to speak up if you want your Singha beer chilled properly. (And believe me you’ll need it after you’ve tasted their fiery dips.) The Chada in Battersea is worth a trip south of the river—not so merciless with the chillies, but still excellent and with a most convivial atmosphere.

CONVULSION will take place in Leicester over the weekend of July 22-24 this year. The event is predominantly RuneQuest-based, but there will no doubt be a strong Tékumel presence too. Sandy Petersen is one of the guests of honour, and possibly will be running his RQ Tékumel game. For details contact David Hall at 21 Stephenson Court, Osborne Street, Slough, Berkshire SL1 1TN.

Just room to mention some US suppliers of interesting Tékumel items. PHD Games Inc (Box 177, Anderson, IN 46015) have all the old 25mm miniatures and are iSsúing new ones as well. I particularly recommend the Tsolyáni general and the Black Ssú. Meanwhile, Imperial Legions Miniatures (2904-A Pearl St, Austin, TX 78705) are producing a small range of 15mm figures. And for out-of-print items like Deeds of the Ever-Glorious, try writing to Andrew Lorince, 862 Flemington Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15217.

Brumazik! Dave Morris

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