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The Eye of All-Seeing Wonder

Issue Four | Spring 1995

Magazine reviews


(A4, 48 pages) An excellent magazine aimed at Arthurian rolegamers. The artwork is particularly evocative. Pendragon bulks large, of course, but most of the material is of a general nature and can be used with any system. Issue 3 featured a very interesting approach to running battles, putting the emphasis on individual stories rather than large-scale tactics. £2.00 in the UK, EC £2.70, elsewhere £3.00 from Gareth Jones, 69 Atherley Road, Southampton S015.

Gaming & Education

(quarto, 8 pages) A quarterly newsletter focussing on the use of role-playing and simulation games as educational tools. Highly recommended. (It’s refreshing to hear how enthusiastic kids are about rolegames and how creative and involved they can be when, all too often, adult players will just sit about waiting to be entertained.) Contact David Millians, Paideia School, 1509 Ponce de Leon Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia 30307 (e-mail: dragon@netcom.com).


Back again after a long period meditating under an Oriental waterfall, imazine has achieved enlightenment and now transcends mere corporeal existence. The latest Issue has stuff on shamans, commercialism and a state-of-play report on The Water Margin. Thought-provoking but never ponderous or regimented. Contact Paul Mason, 101 Green Heights, Shimpo-cho 4-50, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya 464, Japan.

Interactive Fantasy

(digest, 160 pages) Forced to change its name after only one Issue (because some tosspot had allowed the word interaction to be trademarked) this is a journal with an academic approach to role-playing. Interesting items in the second Issue include David Millians’ description of how role-playing can be used to teach history, a Campbellian discussion involving Greg Stafford, and Paul Mason sticking a pin in the pomposity of current game-design fads. Five-Issue subscriptions for £20 (UK and Europe) or $32 from Hogshead Publishing, 29a Abbeville Road, London SW4 9LA.

Tales of the Reaching Moon

(A4, 60 pages) A very high-quality magazine dedicated to the world of Glorantha. Much of the material must appear baffling to an outsider, as most Glorathan civilizations are like those of ancient times and possess a very different world-view from our own. Nonetheless it rewards effort, and for rolegamers who enjoy pushing the boundaries this is very highly recommended. £3.00 in the UK from David Hall, 21 Stephenson Court, Osborne Street, Slough, Berkshire SL1 1TN. In the USA contact David Gadbois, PO Box 49475, Austin, TX 78765.

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