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The Eye of All-Seeing Wonder

Issue Four | Spring 1995

Tékumel products

Adventures on Tékumel I ($10.95)

The character generation booklet, beautifully illustrated by Kathy Marschall. First-person narratives give it a real Tsolyáni flavour.

Adventures on Tékumel II/1 ($18.95)

Solitaire adventures. You can throw yourself into the Bey S¸ social scene, join the army, or enter the priesthood. Characters from Part I can be used, but you could manage just as well without bothering with the rules.

Adventures on Tékumel II/2 ($18.95)

Venturing further afield. You can go on a hunting trip, join a merchant caravan, visit Penom (!), or sail off to Livyánu. Breathtaking.

Adventures on Tékumel II/3 ($16.95)

A much thinner booklet—the third section, set in Fasiltum, was dropped for some reason. What’s left is a stay at a monastery (not exactly a peaceful retreat) and weird goings-on at a villa. The latter can follow on from an earlier adventure in II/1, where you are trying to get Prince Eselne brought back to life. Unfortunately the link paragraph is missing (it should be on page 24).

The Tékumel Bestiary ($18.95)

Flora and fauna that would have made Darwin take up media studies. Stats are provided for the official game system, but the authors have wisely kept them out of the creature descriptions, so they can be used with any rules.


The long-awaited RPG. I haven’t seen a copy: it was reportedly "at the printers" when this Issue went to press. Presumably it will be an extension of the Adventures on Tékumel system, but hopefully with more on the nitty-gritty of Tsolyáni social interaction. The projected price is a hefty $42.00.


The gods book. One ad I saw promised it was "coming in 1993" but there’s still no sign. Apparently one cause of the delay is that the book was originally supposed to cover just Pavar’s gods, but now it’s going to include the Livyáni pantheon as well. (A pity; I think they ought to remain mysterious.) Will it be a "primary source" like The Book of Ebon Bindings, or an academic analysis of Tsolyáni theology? No-one knows.

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